Installation of RO filter System in SDMC Primary School under Swachta Action Plan

SDMC Primary school located in the centre of Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase-II, spread over an area of about 700 yards was facing a acute shortage and proper availability of safe drinking water for long time. As it is correctly said that “In schools, ‘good hydration helps to reduce tiredness, irritability, and increases concentration. It contributes to a more settled and productive learning environment’. (House of Commons written answer by Ann Keen – Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, DOH – 16/07/2007)”.

The hon’ble Commissioner feeling the essence of same, directed and contributed for 100 litre capacity water cooler and 100 litre capacity RO filter system which can filter about 100 litres of water in just 20 minutes. Further, she said that regular fluid intake can protect against the effects of poor hydration, which includes poor concentration, tiredness, urinary problems and headaches. Mains water, being a freely available drink, can positively contribute to fluid intake, protect health and assist in obesity management and this water cooler with RO filter system will lay a strong helping hand in contribution to the health of students.
The installation of the Water Cooler system and the RO system was completed on 08.09.2017 and the same was inaugurated by the hon’ble Commissioner followed by an interactive session with the School Principal, Staff and students.